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What Are You Leaving On
The Table
With A Bad Presentation?
Office chairs in a presentation room

Your Organization Has

& Bad Presentations.

How To Tell A
Bad Presentation
Is Happening

The Presenter Is
Long Winded

Even the most elegant speakers will have a tough time “getting to the point” if the presentation they are working with doesn't get there either.

A great presentation allows for important points to be made, ideas to be shared, and story continuity that keeps the audience engaged and understanding.

The Flow Is All
Over The Place

A patchwork of ideas assembled together isn't a great presentation experience. It is hard to follow along as an audience member, let alone being the presenter.

Establishing an overarching theme or story arc can help determine what content to share when, and what isn't the right fit for the presentation.

The Design Is
Getting In The Way

A badly designed presentation with too much content or poorly laid out information is hard to present, in the same way it is hard to absorb for an audience.

Not knowing “what to look at first” can often be a major sign of presentation slides that need help. Great design supports great content.

Everyone Looks
Very Confused

Losing your audience's attention is one thing. But, for them to also not understand what you are saying is another problem all together.

A great presentation takes into account what needs to be explained to an audience so they can see the value in what you are sharing.

You Don't Meet
Your Goals

Developing a presentation is a lot of work, regardless of whether it is any good or not. Major presentations can take huge amounts of company resources to source information and develop content.

Taking the time to make sure you are putting forward your best work, is worth it.

Big Deal Presentations
We Work On

Annual Report/ Shareholder
AGM Presentation

From developing a theme that supports the year-in-review storytelling to the layout of the financials, we can provide full design and narrative framing for these critical presentations.

Annual reports are becoming more marketing tool than report. Ensuring proper development is key for communications.

Board of Directors

Presenting to a Board of Directors is a unique opportunity. The audience is often made up of seasoned professionals who have sat through many presentations.

We will work to develop a tight story arc and content that "keeps the pace" for this audience.

Funding Presentation
to Potential Investors

For potential investors to believe in what you are presenting, the content needs to be comprehensible, interesting, and more importantly, compelling.

We will work with your team to build a strong story and content flow that supports your fundraising objectives.

Sales Presentation
to Potential Customers

Reaching an audience of potential customers with a presentation requires having a plan for what they need to know, and a plan for what you want them to do once they know it.

We will work with your team to define clear objectives that will shape the content and flow of your presentations.

Presentation to
Conference Attendees

Conference audiences can be challenging to present to. They can have short attention spans and often have been inundated with lots of information already from other presentations.

We will work to turn your presentation content into a powerful pitch.

Common Issues
Of In-House Built Presentations

Valuable "Basic" Information
Can Get Skipped Over

A presenting team often represents senior experts in a field of study. The foundational concepts that are inherently understood by these professionals don't always make it into presentations.

For a great presentation to resonate with an audience, being able to understand all shared concepts is critical.

Order Of Content Not Built
For New Audience

What an organization finds important, isn't necessarily representative of what an audience being presented to does.

The importance of content often dictates the order of a presentation. Determining the audience's priorities can add insight into the best way to order a presentation story arc.

Jargon Heavy
Content From Experts

When presentation material is developed by in-house subject matter experts, often industry specific jargon is used.

Limited use acronyms and academic terminology can create major stumbling blocks for an audience trying to comprehend what you are presenting to them.

Too Many Tangents
Are Introduced

Often a presentation will evolve from one or two main concepts needing to be covered, into something wildly different, with everything but the kitchen sink fit in.

These presentations are too comprehensive for an audience to take it all in. Being able to curate the content is key.

Not Including Enough
"What's In It For Me"?

Developing a presentation that appeals to the audience means being able to put their perspective and needs first and foremost.

Many in-house presentations that don't connect with an audience are built around the priorities of the presenting team or organization.

Why Bring In An Outside
Presentation Consultant?

When The In-House Skillset Isn't
Building Great Presentations

Your team are experts in their fields - and sitting down to craft a perfect story arc, content flow, design treatment and pitch approach isn't in that field. Or the next field over.

We can handle the heavy lifting. From managing the project through to coaching the presenting team.

Opportunity To Ask & Answer
Bigger/Harder Questions

Sometimes having a non-staff member ask the difficult or "silly" questions about the business makes the process of answering them easier.

We try to ask questions that haven't been asked yet. Starting great conversations that yield content for better presentations.

Allows Team To Focus on Being
Subject Matter Experts

Presentation development can stall out when subject matter experts are also tasked with trying to develop content that resonate with a "non-expert" audience effectively.

We take your expert level info and work it into audience friendly content.

Opportunity To Reframe Stale
Service or Product Offering Pitch

Many organizations have been pitching their offering the same way for years. This can come from an honest "don't fix it if it's not broken" approach, but over time this strategy doesn't leave room for growth or shift.

We provide objective communication support to get to the best story.

When The In-House Team
Is Over Resourced

Most in-house design departments are staffed only to meet the regular needs of the organization.

Developing a major presentation, a presentation system, or an overhaul of an existing presentation can easily fall outside of available resources.

You Had Me At Engaged
But Why Work With You?

Our Process

After more than two decades of working on presentation and corporate communication material, founder Chris Gostling has developed a more holistic method of providing consulting support for organizations that leverage pitch-based business development.

Define  The Story Arc
Develop  The Content
Create  The Design
Coach  The Pitch

Why We Know Our Process Is Better

For organizations that outsource presentations, most of the consulting focus is on the content and design, and often only one or the other.

Content | Design - Visual of partial consulting process

Our experience in developing communication strategies as well as extensive public speaking, allows us to provide critical support developing a smart story arc that will mean something to your audiences as well as coach your presentation team on how to deliver a better pitch.

Any Platform You Prefer

We are happy to work in any presentation platform software your organization is most comfortable with.

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How We Can Work Together

These are most common ways that clients have engaged our services over the years related to presentation development.

The Full Deal

You have an important presentation to build we are at the start of the process. You need help from the story arc and the content through the design and pitch coaching.

The Refresh

You have a road-worn pitch that is in need of some love. You need your current presentation improved upon with a fresh perspective on how to pitch the content.

Teach Us How
To Do It

You have a lot of presentations to build and your team needs to know how to build them well in-house. You need a new presentation format and template developed, and training on how to use it.

Two Week Deadline

You have an emergency need for a fabulous presentation and have no time to mess around. You need a team player who can put the hours in to both understand the goal as well hit the mark.

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